Campro/UNIS Ginex Primers 1000/Box


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  • Brand: Federal
  • Caliber: primers
  • Unit of Measure: Box
  • Classification: Ammunition , Handgun Ammo
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Campro/UNIS Ginex Primers 1000/Box

Buy Campro/UNIS Ginex Small Pistol Primers 1000/Box .100 Online

Order the Campro/UNIS Ginex Primers 1000/Box offer consistency that matches other premium primers on the market at a fraction of the cost. A manufacturer of ammo components – as well as blasting caps and electric igniters – since 1951, this Bosnia-Herzegovina–based company knows a thing or two about turning a spark into a bang. Primers from UNIS GINEX are available with standard SINOXIDE priming mixture charges, as well as EKO priming mixture that’s formulated to be free of heavy metals.

Whether you’re assembling match-grade ammo for your pistol, or mass-producing rounds for a family trip to the shooting range, these primers are sure to perform. Each UNIS GINEX Small pistol primer is manufactured to meet high-standards and is designed to be easy to install. Formulated to be temperature insensitive, you can count on them whether the conditions are sub-zero or scorching-hot. UNIS GINEX makes primers for a wide range of rounds, from the smallest calibers to the biggest rounds commercially available. A history of excellence, a high-tech priming mixture, and costs that undercut the competition make primers from UNIS GINEX a must-have component on your reloading supplies shelf. Available in 100 pce Sleeves & 1000 count boxes. For most handgun cartridges requiring a Small pistol primer.


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