Buy Federal Premium .380ACP 99Grain Online


  • SKU: 05891035738127
  • Brand: Federal Ammunitions
  • Caliber: .380 ACP
  • Bullet Weight: 99 grain
  • Number of Rounds: 500 rounds
  • Unit of Measure: Box
  • Classification: Ammunition , Handgun Ammo


Buy Federal Premium .380ACP 99Grain Online

Federal Premium Centerfire Handgun Ammunition .380 ACP (380 Auto) 99 grain Hydra-Shok Deep Jacketed Hollow point Centerfire Pistol Ammunition 500 RDS

Product Info for Federal Premium .380ACP 99Grain Handgun Ammunition . Hydra-Shok Deep Jacketed Hollow point Centerfire Pistol Ammunition
Federal Premium 380 Auto Hydra-Shok has proven itself for self-defense since 1989. Hydra-Shok Deep builds off the time-tested platform with design improvements that better meet modern performance measurements. The bullet features a more robust center post and a core design that penetrate to optimal depths through the barriers most commonly encountered in self-defense situations.
Caliber: .380 ACPNumber of Rounds: 500Bullet Type: Hydra-Shok Deep Jacketed Hollow point (JHP)Bullet Weight: 99 grainCartridge Case Material: BrassPackage Type: BoxApplication: Self Defense

The .380ACP is one of the most popular handgun cartridges in the United States, and possibly the world. It has gained popularity in many countries as an exceptional cartridge for game in the medium- to large-sized class.  Although in North America it is commonly thought that it is only recommended for whitetail deer, pronghorn and the occasional caribou or black bear, the 308 Winchester is among the calibers recommended for hunting brown and grizzly bears by the Alaska Department of Game and Fish.  Moreover, the Canadian Arctic Rangers chose the Colt Canada C19 in 308 Winchester/7.62×51mm NATO for “defense” in 2014, demonstrating that the 308 Winchester is suitable and even preferred for taking any medium, large or dangerous game located in the Americas.

Clay Harvey, an American gun writer, said it is usable on moose and elk. Layne Simpson, an American who has hunted in Sweden, said he is surprised how many hunters there used the cartridge. Craig Boddington was told by a Norma Precision executive that the 308 Winchester was one of Norma’s best-selling calibers. In Africa the 308 Winchester is one of the most popular calibers among Bushveld hunters and is used on anything from duiker right up to the massive eland (a small and large African antelope respectively). Proponents of the hydrostatic shock theory contend that the 308 Winchester has sufficient energy to impart hydrostatic shock to living targets when rapidly expanding bullets deliver a high rate of energy transfer.

While .380ACP has traditionally been the most popular cartridge in the past, the development of lighter recoil chamberings with sufficient downrange energy, like , is becoming more common for metallic silhouette shooting. PALMA shooting is a variant of full bore target shooting done with a bolt-action rifle chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO/308 Winchester firing match grade 155–grain bullets and using micrometer aperture iron sights out to 1,000 yards.

F-class is a variant of fullbore target rifle which permits optical telescopic sights and shooting rests at the front and rear, such as a bipod or bags. Competitions are fired at distances between 300 and 1,200 meters (or yards), and the targets are half the size of those used in traditional Palma shooting. Based on equipment, competitors can choose to compete in one of the two classes, open and standard: F-TR (“target”, standard class): A restricted class which permits a scope, bipod, backpack and rear bag (no front rest), the caliber has to be either .223 Remington or 308 Winchester. In addition, the weight limit including optics is 8.25 kg (18.15 lbs). The 308 Winchester has slightly more drop at long range than the 30-06 Springfield, owing to its slightly lower (around 30 metres per second (100 ft/s)) muzzle velocity with most bullet weights. Cartridges with significantly higher muzzle velocities, such as the 300 Winchester Magnum can have significantly less drop at long range, but much higher recoil.




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